A word about me.

Music has been around me since I was born. My dads a musician. When we lived in Texas in the early 1980's my dad would have band practice at our house. I thought it was the coolest thing.....hearing loud drums and amplifiers rehearsing the same songs over many months times. The songs stuck in my mind as easy as the Itsy Bitsy Spider. When I would have some sort of creative writing task in elementary school, I always wrote about being in a band. I always named the bands after whatever my dads group was called at the time. At this point I never learned to play an instrument other than a short stint with the piano. It was all about the "COOL" that surrounded music and bands. Posters of the Police, Elvis and Frank Zappa......those guys were the dudes!

My dad bought me my first guitar when I was about 8 or 9. It was a bright yellow Peavey Tracer. I was way into Poison, Def Leopard and Joe Satriani at this stage and all those guitar players had crazy neon color guitars that were very pointy. My dad was trying to persuade me to get a Fender Strat but Poison DiDNT play those kind of guitars. I got really into plying baseball and i didnt think about music all that much. Fast forward 5 years or so....... I had a job as a video game tester for the summer and I saved all my money and bought myself a brand new USA Fender stratocaster. At this time in my life Jimi Hendrix came into my world and hit me like a ton of bricks. I was officially bitten by music. It hasn't stopped since Hendrix came into my world. I started playing in bands with schoolmates and playing parties on the weekends. I was hooked. I loved playing and performing. It was honestly never about impressing girls or any of that. It was about me and the kindred spirits that i found that played and loved music as I did getting together and creating music. Pushing each other to get better.

I got a job at a guitar shop in Encinitas California called Moonlight Music when I was in 10th grade and worked there for 12 years selling guitars, doing repairs and teaching. Russell Pompeo is the owner and he helped me a great deal with my life in these 12 years knowingly and unknowingly. He showed me how to fix guitars, something every player should have a basic understanding of and he gave me the opportunity to teach others how to play guitar. I'm very grateful for this and am still teaching people 15 years later. Working at the guitar shop introduced me to my current band mates in Earthless and so many other phenomenal musicians. Pretty much the entire musical community of San Diego passed through the doors of Moonlight Music when I worked there. I can honestly say I would not be exactly where I am today and I would have not accomplished what I have accomplished if it wasn't for Russell hiring me. Crazy to think back and reflect on.

I've been fortunate enough to travel the world and meet my heroes and play with some of them. I've made some incredible friends along the way and I met my wonderful wife Camilla at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. I first started touring in 2002. I hopped in the van with an Oakland band called Drunk Horse. Still to this day they are one of my all time favorite bands. Since that first tour with Drunk Horse I have hit the road with Nebula, Candye Kane, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, The Freeks, Howlin Rain and Earthless. I'm usually touring 1/3 of the year, sometimes more. When I'm home I'm playing shows around town with a million different projects or working on recordings. Always staying busy with something musical. My musical tastes reach far and wide from classical and Celtic to punk and country to blues and electronica and back to psychedelic and soul. If its good, I like it. Genres don't matter. There's always some new band or musician to discover. New people that inspire. There's always someone or some group to make things new and fresh. That's one of the great things about music: it will never end. Something new is always around the corner, waiting for you to open the door and let it in. I hope that everyone who reads this will forever be inspired and refreshed by music.