Lets Talk Guitar Lessons!

Welcome to my lessons/instruction page! I have been teaching guitar and other instruments for 16 years now, and I still love doing it. I really enjoy helping people learn to play whatever it is they want to learn, such as theory, their favorite songs, their favorite solos note for note, slide, fingerpicking, blues guitar, heavy metal guitar, ear training, connecting the fretboard, hand strengthening and coordination exercises, rhythm workouts.........the list goes on and on. I'm here to make my students better players. I am very patient with my students and want them to feel secure while taking on a new challenge. It's all about taking things slow and playing it correctly at everyone's own pace. That said, every student gets their own curriculum. My lessons are tailored to each of my students experience and skill level. And I follow my students lead(most of the time), in that if they want to learn how to solo in the vein of "Cortez the Killer" one week and then learn how to play "Purple Haze" the next week, we can do that, though I do encourage fully understanding each weeks exercise before moving on to the next thing.

So about the prices. My lessons run $45 per hour a la carte. But if you pay for 4 up front I charge $40 per hour. I've been primarily using Skype to teach my lessons(video and sound quality have proven to be the best) and also Facetime(if you have an Apple computer). Both are totally free and very easy to set up. All you need is a decent Internet connection(a strong connection is preferred for best quality)and a computer with a camera. Payments are made via Paypal to:


I ask that people select the "friends and family" option when sending their payment so that extra fees don't get charged to myself. If you don't want to send to "friends and family" I ask that you please add $5 to your lesson payment for covering fees. Lessons are once a week though I do have a few students who like to take 2 lessons a week. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and am available for lessons Mondays thru Friday 8 am PST to 11pm PST. I make some exceptions and teach on weekends but usually don't teach on weekends.

I understand that things come up from time to time and we can't make our lessons. Happens to me too. I ask of my students to, if at all possible, give me 48 hours notice if they can't make a lesson. In giving me 48 hours notice I am able to possibly fill that slot with another student or coordinate something else going on in my life with the free time. I give each of my students 1 free pass if the cancel 24 hours or less before the lesson, or just don't show. Life can throw us a curveball every now and again. But if you don't courteously cancel our session after the first free pass, I have to charge you for the missed lesson. This has never happened yet and I doubt it will. I feel that everyone coming to me with music lessons genuinely want lessons and are probably paying for them themselves :) I too have to go out of town and go on tour. I purchased an iPad so that I can continue teaching while on tour. Most of the time it works fine and lessons stay consistent. But there's sometimes where my wifi signal is weak and I'm on stage when our lesson should start etc. I try and be crystal clear in my whereabouts with my students in case something is to go wrong. Haven't really had too much trouble with that. I talk with each student about how my tour schedule and our lesson appointment is looking during that time frame. I like to keep the lessons going on a weekly basis as much as possible while on the road but if the student wants to take a week off to practice more or whatever that's fine too. If you have any questions please contact me at:

All the best and I look forward to hearing from you!!! -ISM {:•)|<]: